Qd Robotics

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About us

True robotics competence

QDesign, a team of experts in the different engineering sciences with a true passion for innovation and the belief that only trough continuous research and development it is possible to supply effective solutions to guarantee our customers the market leadership through efficiency, quickness, productivity, reliability and in the end competitiveness.
We are able to integrate the robotic system and the automation system or as often happens both of them through mechanics, electronics and software, guided by a strong ability to deeply focus on customer needs finding the suitable solutions. QDesign policy is, finally, to provide added value robotics solutions specialized to satisfy effectively customers requests and needs.

QDesign, we give robots a soul... our soul!

The solutions
Our solutions range over the milling robotics plants for stone, granite, EPS, wood, plaster of Paris, plastics to the composites and plastics material routing robotics plants. From the composites, plastic and metallic material products surface finishing robotic plants to our multi process robotics plants for composites products manufacturing (from model to mould manufacturing, from routing to surface finishing). From the end line robotic automation to the process robotic handling plants

Continuous software development, from solutions for offline programming to solutions for process control and management, ensures that all our applications are superbly versatile, easy to use and quick to program. We can also customise our software to meet specific requests and requirements.


Our products have been highly successful in various manufacturing industries, including:

Wind power
Stone materials in general
Model making
Furniture and decor
Plastic processing

The future
We shall continue developing our ideas and those of our customers through constant research and development. And we shall continue to provide not only hi-tech solutions, but rapid, reliable and professional support