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Machining of resins, wood composites, EPS, plastics, fabrics

QD FAST MILL&CUT is a highly scaleable and versatile line of products for milling and cutting materials like polystyrene (EPS), polyurethane resins, epoxy resins, fibreglass, carbon fibre, wood, aluminium, and materials for modelling, prototyping and composites in general. A wide range of robots enables work space, installed power and accessories to be scaled and customised as required. The use of multi-axis industrial robots makes QD FAST MILL&CUT extremely reliable and keeps maintenance and running costs low. Plant can be configured to include linear guides, rotary tables, portal type robot movement systems or tailor-made kinematic solutions. Thanks to built-in CAD/CAM technology, QD FAST MILL&CUT lets you develop models or prototypes very rapidly. RoboMOVE™ offline programming software also lets you simulate and generate a robot program using a tool path created with any commercial CAM system.