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RoboMOVE™ is the Qdesign S.r.l. off line software solution that allows a robot program generation and simulation starting from a tool path created using any traditional CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). RoboMOVE™ can be used on any CAM on the market, it is able to use CAM tool path in ISO and APT format In the following lines some of the main RoboMOVE™ functionalities are reported.

Post processing functions
RoboMOVE™ allows user to choose among a large number of strategies to manage robot axes either manual or automatic. These strategies allow user to optimize tool motion, whatever type it is, on the basis on the application requirements.

- Single/multi instruction TCP “Z” axis rotation management (TCPZROT)
- Horizontal TCPZROT
- Distributed TCPZROT
- Adaptive TCPZR
- Tracking TCPZROT

Simulation features
RoboMOVE™ simulation scene features allows chosen general program settings and post processing strategies verification and applicability. Main simulation features are reported in the following lines.
- Work space check
- Singularity configuration check
- Collision check and detection
- Cycle time calculation

Although RoboMOVE™ is an offline CAM to robot post processor and simulator it anyway gives user some robot traditional off line application features.

- Interactive TCPZROT
- Offline interactive teaching
- Most common mechanical digitizers direct integration: Microscribe, Faro, Baces 3D
- Editing functions on ISO and APT code

Robots and kinematic configurations
RoboMOVE™ is available and compatible for any industrial robot brand: KUKA, ABB, MOTOMAN, STAUBLI, COMAU, FANUC, MITSTUBISHI, KAWASAKI, etc… RoboMOVE™ can manage up to six external axes ad robot mover and up to six external axes as piece mover. External axes, whether they are robot movers or piece movers, can be managed by Robomove™ in positioning mode or in robot coordinated mode; in both cases a large number of program optimization strategies are available on the basis of the application requirements, on the piece dimensions and on the working program.

Great results on RoboMOVE™ use have been obtained in the following applications.

- Various materials milling: from stone to EPS
- Holemaking
- Deburring
- Composites and plastic material trimming
- Surface finishing
- Fabric and leather cutting
- Laser cutting
- Plasma cutting
- Water jet cutting
- Cakes dressing

Custom applications
RoboMOVE™ can be customized on the basis of customer specifications
Contact Robomove™ specialist for further informations

…it has never been so easy, fast, and accurate to program an industrial robot. Increase your productivity, use Robomove™……