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Working piece dimensions using robot and fix table


Working piece dimensions using robot and rotating table


QD stone mill 3D stone processing

QD Stone Mill is an innovative industrial robotic solution for machining stone, marble and granite products. QD Stone Mill embodies all the latest and most advanced software for industrial robotics, from CAD/CAM applications for generating offline work programs to complex but intuitive and user-friendly applications for supporting the on-board operator interface. QD Stone Mill delivers maximum versatility, high productivity, excellent reliability and the quickest possible return on investments.



RoboMOVE™ is a software solution for simulating and post-processing all types of CAM tool path (APT or ISO) for programming into robots.
RoboMOVE™ can handle six robot axes as well as external axes like rotary and sliding rotary tables for work piece movement and linear slides for robot movement. A wide range of spindle positioning strategies allows the user to make full use of available space, avoid collisions and optimise the quality of robot movements. Simple and intuitive functions are provided for external axis control, from initial positioning to movement according to a position based or robot-coordinated strategy. RoboMOVE™ supports virtual animation of the work cycle, provides information on the work area and also checks for possible collisions. The virtual view of the work cell includes the robot, electrospindle, tool, current work piece, incoming raw piece, fixing devices and any other significant component.

From the 3D model obtained by 3D scanning or CAD modelling…

… on to the creation and simulation of a CAM tool path…

… and the finished object



QD stone mill allows process operations using cutting and milling technologies natural stone, marble and granite work pieces to manufacture complex geometry and large dimensions architectural, art or furniture objects


Technical features

Easy to use technology
CAD/CAM programming
3D scanners integration

Spindle power up to 50 KW
ISO 40 and ISO 50 tool holders
Automatic tool change
Automatic tool length measurement
Adaptive force/speed control
Disk usable up to 800 - 1000 [mm] diameter

Fix table up to 30 TONS
Rotating table up to 15 TONS
Rotating and sliding table up to 30 TONS