One robot, endless possibilities

Mounting a quick-change-plate on the robot wrist increases the work potential of the system. The flange allows to integrate the robot with different end-effectors and to change them quickly and efficiently when needed.


The end-effectors that are currently available are:

  • Spindles
  • Grippers
  • Hot wire cut
  • Paste/Resin dispenser
  • 3D printing unit
  • Diamond wire cut
  • Waterjet head




A single robotic unit to perform several different machining operations by means of different end-effectors

Un unico sistema robotico che permette di eseguire operazioni varie e differenziate grazie all'utilizzo di diversi end-effector

Minimal amount of space

One robot to carry out operations that are typical of many different machines. A small amount of space for multiple functions.


A block can be machined with different end-effectors alternatively. Being the robot able to change end-effectors automaticallly allows to save time on the whole working operation.

Research & Development

Our R&D department is constantly researching and projecting new solutions to be able to ingrate new units on the robot arm, aiming at delivering systems more and more adaptable and flexible

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