QD robot used by a famous stone artist!

QD Robotics in Canada!

Michael Binkley, one of the most successful stone artists in Canada, was commissioned to create a granite sculpture. What he didn't know was that, to reach his goal, he would use one of our robots! To assist him was one of our clients, Doratti Sculpture Studios in Nelson, who gave him our robot to carve the stone. In his article Mr. Binkley talks about the process of his work and how easy it was to use a robotic machine to do all of that!

But who is Michael Binkley?
Michael Binkley is among Canada’s most successful self-represented stone sculptors. He has been a professional in this field for over 35 years and will maintain his studio and gallery in Squamish, BC, Canada when it is finished. Binkley works in a wide variety of stone and themes, however his favourite subject for his artwork is the human nude.

Hoping to maintain a long and fruitful relationship with Michael, we like to quote a beautiful phrase taken from his blog:

"Remember, sculptors from history have always used assistants to help them carve their sculptures – Michelangelo, Bernini, Rodin. The only difference is that I’m incorporating a machine instead of a human to help me."

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