The "Winged Victory" of Samothrace meets QD Robotics!

Classic Greek meets modern Robotics?

Greek, as we all know, has a great background: not only for its magnificent history, but also for it wonderful art and culture. We also know that now it is going through a period of difficulty, that doesn't make the place any less beautiful. This is why a replica of the "Winged Victory" of Samothrace has been made, to send a message of hope and winning over the past hard times. And all of this has been possibile thanks one of our robots!
The online magazine wrote about this in one of its article, including stunning images and a wonderful video that shows the creation of the statue with QD's Robot (something you really MUST see, if you love art and robotics!).

"This (Winged) Victory will be placed outside of the Archaeological Museum of Samothrace to symbolize our country's continuing effort in order for Victory (Nike) to return to its place". This is what Dimitris Petrovits, Deputy Governor of Evros Region, says in the following article. The statue is made from marble and will weigh 6.5 tons and will be more than 2 metres high.

For the future another Nike will be made with the kind approval of the Louvre Museum. While both will be placed in Alexandroupolis, the first will look at Samothraki, the second statue will look at the Louvre Museum."

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