Our Technologies

We commit ourselves every day to the continuous hardware and software development, aiming to steadily improve our applications in terms of flexibility, user-friendliness and programming speed. We take pride in having the chance of making our customers more and more competitive. That’s why we proudly deliver custom-made software solutions that can 100% satisfy their needs and requirements.


The development of various and complex software applications for our robotic systems, ranging from off-line programming applications to those for production monitoring, has lead us to the acquisition of an extensive know-how. Thanks to the experience and competences acquired through the years, we are able to both offer solid and products and solutions, and to deliver custom-made applications for our clients and partners


  • Moving stategy
  • Strategy simulation
  • Off-line programming

ROBOmove™ is our innovative software solution for off-line programming. It allows to create and virtually simulate a working strategy starting from a tool path generated by any CAM system


  • Compatible with any robot brand
  • Machine tool-like
  • Robot functions

QD CNC is our Human-Machine Interface for the management of a robotic unit. It features all CNC-machine-tool-like operations and the typical functions of a robot interface.


  • Unique CAD/CAM pack
  • Foundry-focused
  • Toolpath creation

QD FOUNDRY consists of our CAD/CAM suite with foundry-specific macros and strategies, and of the adaptive algorithm, accountable for deformation compensation


A team of designers that develops functional solutions to optimize production processes and achieve better aesthetic and operational outcomes. Experience, together with steady research of new technologies, has lead us to develop ad hoc hardware solutions for various industrial applications.

Adaptive Hardware

  • Deformation compensation
  • Grinding of small areas
  • Machining of small flashes
Our hardware solutions result in the compensation of casting deformations by means of adaptive mechanical solutions. Force actuator and pivoting spindle are two of our means for processing those areas that are otherwise hard to work on.


  • All-in-one solution
  • Multifunction machining center
  • Waterjet head as tool on robot
Our multifunction system to fulfil different production requirements. Stone cutting and milling with a single product. Our plug&play system is programmed to use the waterjet-head as a tool, thus making the whole working process easier and quicker.

Milling packages

  • Turn-key solutions
  • Customized dimensioning
  • Automated milling process

Turn-key solutions for robotic milling, from roughing to finishing. Our systems are made of different components, each chosen according to the dimensions and material of the piece to be worked.