Adaptive Hardware

Our hardware solutions result in the compensation of casting deformations by means of adaptive mechanical solutions. Force actuator and pivoting spindle are two of our means for processing those areas that are otherwise hard to work on.


The electro spindle, mounted on a force actuator and on a quick-change plate, is used to remove small flashes in those areas where it is not possible to measure and apply the adaptive algorithm

The spindle is mounted on a two-position tilting support and allows to work using both the tip and the side of the tool.

The force actuator allows to use constant pressure on the piece to be worked. This allows to use effectively also “paper”, resin-bonded and generally all tools that get consumed and change shape quickly.

The use of compliant force-actuator allows to adapt the working strategy to comply with both the shape of the tool and the geometry of the casting.

The use of the force-actuated spindle is generally paired with the use of a second spindle. The dimensioning of both spindles depends on the type of tool, the material to grind and the kind of robot.

Usually the more powerful spindle serves the purposes of cutting and performing all operations requiring bigger tools.