Milling packages

Turn-key solutions for robotic milling, from roughing to finishing. Our systems are made of different components, each chosen according to the dimensions and material of the piece to be worked.

Turn-key solutions to mill your ideas

Milling packages are standard milling solutions, developed and optimized during the years. A standard package is composed by: robot, spindle, rotating table, tool rack and tool setter, but on customer’s demand the system can be provided with additional items and accessories. Each solution is dimensioned based on material and average size of the pieces to be worked. Robot arm reach influences the working envelop, while the power of the spindle has to be chosen according to the hardness of the material that needs to be processed.


  • Robot arm reach can range from 900mm to 4200mm and relative payload varies in the range of 10 to 550 kg.
  • Power of the spindle ranges from 1 to 30 kW. The choice depends on the hardness of the material. Generally, the harder is the material, the more powerful the spindle would need to be.
  • Rotating table payload can go from 1 to 30 tons
  • Tool racks vary in terms of number of positions and types of tool holder (ISO40/ISO50/HSK F/ HSK A).