QD CNC is our Human-Machine Interface for the management of a robotic unit. It features all CNC-machine-tool-like operations and the typical functions of a robot interface.

Specifically, QD CNC allows: 

  • To select and run working programs of any size;
  • To generate program formulas;
  • To add working programs while running a different program;
  • To use START/STOP/RESUME functions from a chosen row and a chosen program;
  • To manage different parameters (work feed, rapid feed, plunge feed, spindle speed, etc.) during the work flow;
  • To use general machine control functions, such as: home positions, tool loading, tool rack opening/closing, tool measurement, electro-spindle warming cycle, tool cooling nozzle adjustment.
  • To continuously monitor working parameters such as: feed, cycle time, spindle speed, etc.

 QD CNC is usually delivered together with ROBOmoveTM, and can be customized to specific needs and requirements.

 If you need additional information about QD CNC, contact us!