QD FOUNDRY consists of our CAD/CAM suite with foundry-specific macros and strategies, and of the adaptive algorithm, accountable for deformation compensation


All-in-one CAD/CAM solution for tool paths dedicated to casting processing.


QD FOUNDRY features macros and strategies developed specifically for foundries:

  • Automatic tool path creation for the pre-cutting of large flashes
  • Wide selection of cutting strategies
  • Automatic generation of vertical pre-cuts for large gating systems


Each casting is different from the others because of deformations arising during the production process. Our adaptive algorithm solves the problem of the deformation between the actual piece and its 3D model.

The application of the adaptive algorithm is based on measurements performed on the piece. This operation allows to determine also the piece positioning and thus define its zero position. This process grants great accuracy and this allows to use low-precision and cost-effective fixtures, thus leading as well to cost-savings.

By using a measuring system, the robot acquires the functions of a CMM centre, by which the system can perform dimensional test on the pieces and discard them preliminarily in case they do not fit the expected tolerances, thus saving time.

Il rilevamento delle deformazioni e la conseguente rielaborazione del percorso utensile seguono tre fasi:

  1. Il robot utilizza laser o tastatore per misurare diversi punti sul pezzo
  2. L’algoritmo modifica automaticamente il percorso utensile per adattarsi alla forma reale del pezzo
  3. Generazione del nuovo percorso utensile