ROBOmove™ is our innovative software solution for off-line programming. It allows to create and virtually simulate a working strategy starting from a tool path generated by any CAM system

Post-processing strategies

ROBOmoveTM allows users to choose among a large range of strategies to manage robot axes, either in manual and automatic mode. In this way it is possible to optimize tool motion, based on the specific process requirements.

Simulation features

Through virtual simulation it is possible check that the general program settings, chosen during post-processing operations are actually correct and relevant. Main simulation features are: work space check, check of singularities, collision check and detection and cycle time calculation.

ROBOmove options

ROBOmoveTM features also some options that are typical of offline simulation, such as: interactive TCPZROT, offline interactive teaching, integration with the most common mechanical digitalizers (Microscribe, Faro, Baces 3D), editing functions on ISO and APT code. 

Robots and kinematic configurations

ROBOmoveTM is compatible with any industrial robot brand and can manage up to six axes as robot mover and up to six more as piece mover. Both robot and external axes can be managed either in positioning mode and robot-coordinated mode. In either case a wide range of program optimization strategies is available, base on the type of application and on the working program.

Software customization

ROBOmoveTM can be tailored to customer’s specific requirements. Do you need additional information? Contact us!