Our multifunction system to fulfil different production requirements. Stone cutting and milling with a single product. Our plug&play system is programmed to use the waterjet-head as a tool, thus making the whole working process easier and quicker.


The robotic milling unit becomes a complete multifunction machining centre for stone processing.

Our multifunctional systems for marble, granite and natural stone machining are specifically designed to integrate the features of milling robots with the function of the waterjet head for the 2D cutting of stone slabs.

Our robotic systems are equipped, other than with the traditional hardware and software, with a rotating table for 3D milling purposes on one side, and with a waterjet table on the other side to cut slabs.

The combined use of the two functions allow to automate and to a certain extent to industrialize and diversify the production: 3D objects, kitchen tops, furniture and slabs for different purposes.

This Plug&Play solution is based on an innovative concept. The robotic system is programmed to regard the waterjet head as a tool, so that the spindle can pick it up and use as it would do with any other tool